Bad, Customer experience with Samsung

It was terrible when Samsung told me they won’t replace my device, instead they would repair it for me. Why?

I am not talking about Samsung Galaxy Note7. For the god shake, I never bought it. I am afraid, almost all Samsung Galaxy devices are sharing the same exact feature. Which is “Get heat and get blast”.

Recently, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 in one of the Dubai outlets which cost me some higher Dirhams. For 3 weeks it existed in my cupboard then I gifted to one of my close relative. What a sad moment, he exited and experimented the phone whole night and put it on his table. The mobile refused to work on the next day morning and felt hot. Thinking only the battery is drained, he re-charged the device. Within 3 hours it was noticed, the device is getting very high temperature and battery get drained. Understood there is something fault. At this time, the phone is as it is, no any sim card inserted, no any personal softwares installed.

Only the option was to take it back to the store. Unfortunately, they refused to exchange the mobile quoting several unethical policies. After several arguments, eventually I had to accept for repair which cost them 3 weeks of time. And the service report simply told “Software Upgraded”. Left the store with at-least few amount of satisfaction somewhere at a corner of the heart. Checked everything and re-boxed the mobile. There was the surprise waiting for me after few hours. I just want to see the mobile to confirm it is doing well. Oh, my god!! The box is hot again. I unboxed the mobile sooner. The device is hot and no battery power at all, so that it turned off.

Hey Samsung! What are your technicians doing? I had some heated arguments with after sales service customer care. After several “Sorry”s, their only answer was to bring the device back to service center. Again, now it is in service center for more than 3 weeks and I am told the mobile’s mother board is faulty. So what is your solution? Gonna replace the mother board. Well, you found the faulty component and you know what to do. Why still keeping at the store without replace it and give back to me. I am fully frustrated with the service and that what caused to write this.

Dear Samsung, You understood that the fault was in your hardware and I have nothing to do with that. Then why the hell you do not want to replace it with a new device. Is it my fault that you fixed a faulty component in your device?

It is not only Galaxy Note 7, there are more faulty devices within their product range. I think, Samsung need to learn more from their current experiences or else it will start to loose their customers. These will create an opportunity for other new products to push Samsung down and increase their market share.


After all, I am big Samsung fan when I was using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I have shared my interest about it in the post “Updating Note X with custom ROM


Thanks God, finally I received my phone from Service center today (15 Oct, 2016). Unfortunately they did not replace the device even after so many requests. Service history told, “Replaced PBA/KIT/Software Upgraded/Tested OK”. Hope things would be fine and it wont trouble me any more.

Disclaimer: This post is not to hurt someone or a company. It is to explain how am I treated with a big brand.

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