How to delete SIM contact in Samsung Galaxy SIII

There are multiple options in Android OS to display contacts from various sources. Phone Contacts, SIM Contacts, Google Contacts, Skype Contacts and etc.. Some time these looks annoying when same contact repeats multiple times. Best option is to choose one source of contact in Display option. Even if the display option is set to show the content from a single source, if we wanna search someone’s name, the search brings the result from every source which are bound to. This is so much annoying(might be not for everyone.) If any one experience this, go forward and find out how to delete the SIM contact on your Galaxy S3 Android smart phone.

Follow the steps..

1 .Go to Contacts


Set the display option

Tap on the Options button which is on left bottom of the phone. Then, tap on the Display Options and choose SIM Contacts.
Now you will see only the SIM contacts in your contact list.
Select & Delete
Now you can delete one by one or multiple contact at a time.

To delete single contact
Long press on a contact which you want to delete. It will display the following menu.

Tap on Delete. Thats fine. The one will be deleted.

To delete multiple contact

Tap on the option and then delete as seen on the following screenshot.


This will show the list with “CHECKBOX”es. Select any contact you want to delete by tapping on the checkbox. Have a look on the following screenshot.



Then tap on the “Done” as seen on the above screenshot.

That’s it, You have Done!!


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