Migrating Email Accounts from CPanel (Exim) to Plesk (QMail) – 1 of 4

This article is about migrating emails accounts and emails from CPanel to Plesk. CPanel uses Exim/Courior while Plesk uses QMail as default email servers. With CPanel there is a way available to import multiple email address at once using a XLS (Excel File) or CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. Unfortunately Plesk does not provide such a way. Although we need to consider on migrating the user with the password what he currently used.

I came across a situation to migrate a VPS into Dedicated server. VPS was being built with CPanel whereas the dedicated server was built with Plesk Hosting Control Panel. There were about 30 domain having email accounts 700+. So, I had to think of a creative solution. After investing some of my effort, finally I could achieve it with some simple commands out of the box. I wanted to share the scenario, so that, it might help anybody who is searching similar solution and banging the head.




Source Platform Destination Platform
Cent OSRedhat Enterprises Linux 5
CPanelPlesk Hosting Control Panel 9.5
Exim 4QMail
MailDir format mailboxMailDir format mailbox


There can be difference between versions of the aps and the structure of the program installed in different versions. This scenario was exactly related to above platforms but not limited.

6 thoughts on “Migrating Email Accounts from CPanel (Exim) to Plesk (QMail) – 1 of 4

  1. Your post saved me.
    BTW in plesk 10.3 … the script mail.sh becomes just ‘mail’ and must be invoked with full path name. The params however remain the same. Invoke it with –help to see full list of options.

  2. I just moved my poievrusly self-hosted servers to a media temple solution and this saved me a bit of time figuring out the sql dump and import commands so I just wanted to say thanks!

  3. Hi, first thanks for the posts..

    But coping the shadowed password is not working to me?

    my shadow line: anderson:$1$GCpGRfgH$.X3bGbglQg4mYFUh8WhW8.:15498::::::

    the script:

    /usr/local/psa/bin/mail –create [email protected] -passwd $1$GCpGRfgH$.X3bGbglQg4mYFUh8WhW8. -passwd_type encrypted -mailbox true

    whats wrong?


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