Restart/Reboot DLINK DIR-816L Routers

Different router models have different menu structures and procedures to perform some tasks. When I was looking for the reboot options in DLINK DIR816L router, it took me little time to find out the restart menu. I think it is worth sharing with you so that it might help some one who struggles. Below is the router I am going to show you.

screenshot 1
D-Link DIR-816L Dual band router login page

The above hardware is firmware version: 2.00

Let us see how to start the restart procedure.

  • Login to your router
  • Click on “Tools” menu on top menu bar
    DLINK router top menu bar
  • Click on “System” menu on left side bar
    DLINK Router left menu bar
  • You will see in the body of the page, 4th line “Reboot The Device”. Click on that to start rebooting.
    Reboot dlink router dir-816l

Here you have done, One the reboot is clicked, it will display a notice page until it finishes reboot.

Default options in DLINK DIR-816L dual band router

Default IP Address: 192.168.01

Default Username: Admin

Default Password: Leave the field blank


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